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Benefits to Owning a Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy…

medicareThere are basically three reasons why you should have a Medicare supplement insurance policy…

First, low personal cost. Your policy coordinates with Medicare every year to help you meet your medical expenses without “breakin’ the bank”. With a Medicare supplement you can be assured that your out of pocket expense will be low and that your benefits will never decrease! And for your peace of mind, your policy is also guaranteed renewable for the rest of your life, provided premiums are paid on time. That means your policy can not be cancelled for any reason whatsoever except none payment of premium.

Second, you can choose your doctor or hospital. There are no networks to limit your choices. You’re free to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare. Oh, and by the way, you never need a referral to see a specialist. If a doctor or hospital accepts Medicare, they MUST accept your supplement. It's the law.

Third, your coverage goes anywhere you go. You are covered throughout the United States, and for emergency care outside the United States. You can confidently travel the world and live in any part of the country you choose knowing you have the best protection available.

For over 40 years Medicare has been a stable insurance program for millions of people, and Medicare supplement plans have played a significant role alongside Medicare. They are simple to understand, affordable, offer nationwide coverage, and allow you to choose the health care professional that you want. It’s the best of all worlds. Call us for a free quote.

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