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Benefits to Owning a Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy…

medicareThere are basically three reasons why you should have a Medicare supplement insurance policy…

First, low personal cost. Your policy coordinates with Medicare every year to help you meet your medical expenses without “breakin’ the bank”. With a Medicare supplement you can be assured that your out of pocket expense will be low and that your benefits will never decrease! And for your peace of mind, your policy is also guaranteed renewable for the rest of your life, provided premiums are paid on time. That means your policy can not be cancelled for any reason whatsoever except none payment of premium.

Second, you can choose your doctor or hospital. There are no networks to limit your choices. You’re free to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare. Oh, and by the way, you never need a referral to see a specialist. If a doctor or hospital accepts Medicare, they MUST accept your supplement. It's the law.

Third, your coverage goes anywhere you go. You are covered throughout the United States, and for emergency care outside the United States. You can confidently travel the world and live in any part of the country you choose knowing you have the best protection available.

For over 40 years Medicare has been a stable insurance program for millions of people, and Medicare supplement plans have played a significant role alongside Medicare. They are simple to understand, affordable, offer nationwide coverage, and allow you to choose the health care professional that you want. It’s the best of all worlds. Call us for a free quote.

We feature companies like Mutual of Omaha, Christian Fidelity, American Continental, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Standard Life, and many more. You won’t find a better stable of companies anywhere in America!


Medicare Advantage Plans – The Medicare Alternative

medicare_advantageThe Paul Kelly Insurance Agency offers the finest Medicare Advantage plans currently on the market. Featuring plans from UnitedHealthcare, Coventry, and Humana, we are confident that we are offering the best of the best Advantage plans available.

Often termed “privatized Medicare” these plans offer many services and benefits not covered by Original Medicare. For instance, many of these plans have $0 premium per month while offering many added benefits and discount programs never-before-seen in a Medicare plan, like dental care, massage therapy, and food and nutrition services. These plans are not Medicare supplements and they are not for everyone. However, such a plan may be the exact fit you’re looking for! From Private-Fee-for-Service plans to PPO’s to HMO’s, Paul Kelly Insurance Agency has them all! Call us for more details.

Part D Prescription Drug Plans

prescription_drug_planFrom the moment prescription drug plans became available to the public, Paul Kelly Insurance Agency has offered a wide selection of Medicare approved Part D plans. One’s medication needs can change in an instant, so it’s important to know that you are protected by one of the best plans on the market.

Choosing the right plan, however, can be tricky. For instance, there were over 30 plans being offered in Missouri the past few years, so it’s important to have a trusted agent help you find the plan that’s right just for you. We will do that for you.

Each year we will do a free analysis of your drugs and give you a print out of the results utilizing every approved plan in the state. We promise to find the lowest priced, lowest deductible plans that cover the greatest number of medications. Put all worry aside - we are experienced and certified professional drug plan agents. There is no charge for this service. Call us and discuss the details of your prescription drug plan. We broker for most of the major carriers, including Aetna, Coventry, Humana, Unitedhealthcare, and many more.