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Long-Term Care


At the Paul Kelly Insurance Agency we prefer to call long term care insurance “Anti-Nursing Home “ insurance!  No one wants to leave their home, or be away from loved ones, even if daily care is needed. We can solve that problem for you with a long term care policy from some of the best LTC companies in the world!

We at Paul Kelly Insurance Agency are proud to offer such outstanding world-class companies as Mutual of Omaha, John Hancock, Lincoln Financial Group, and Genworth Financial. These companies offer a wide range of new and innovative long-term care alternatives. For instance, the major objection to purchasing LTC insurance has always been- "What if I don't need it after paying premiums for years?" The answer used to be- "You lose it." But no more! Today, LTC insurance is often tied to life insurance or an annuity which will return all the money you invested to you or your beneficiary. There is no substitute for exceptional care when we need it and if the statistics are correct, 50% of us who reach 65 will need some sort of long term care in our lifetime. That’s a sobering statistic. But most people assume long-term care policies are too expensive. With such products as short-term care, recovery care, and life insurance hybrid long term care, that is simply not true. But there are some things to bear in mind...

First, you will want a company that is financially sound and will be there for you when you need them. We only offer coverage from the most fiscally responsible insurance companies in the long term care insurance business.

Second, your care will cost a lot of money, even if your care is provided at home. We will show you how your coverage will set aside a generous amount of money just for your care. This will allow you to live without anxiety and free to enjoy all the time you have with the family you love.

Third, it’s important how your family and friends will remember you. You can protect your estate and ensure your family’s future with a simple long term care policy. Regardless of your savings or investments, long term care protection will provide a legacy to your family and friends that’s endearing. Your love will shine for them, year after year.

Lastly, the nursing home should be your last choice, not your first. If you want to decide your future and where you will live, get a long term care policy. It will allow you to keep control of your life without being a burden to your family.

Call us. We’ll help you find the perfect plan for you.