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The Importance of Life Insurance

life_insuranceFinancial security is a hot topic today. Yet, it can be attained with very little effort with life insurance products from Paul Kelly Insurance Agency. We are convinced of the overwhelming importance of life insurance and annuities, and have made life insurance products one of our specialties. No matter if you need an income you can’t outlive, or a $500,000 whole life policy or a simple $10,000 burial plan, we have an amazing group of “A” rated life insurance companies that can create the security you need.

We offer professional guidance in the field of life insurance so that you can find an economical way to free your loved ones from the financial worry that comes with the loss of income due to a death in the family. There is no reason why a family should be burdened with financial stress. Let us show you how simple and easy it is to provide security for them.

We also offer an vast array of fixed annuities that are unique in the world of investments. Fixed annuities are a safe, risk-free investment that can do what no other investment can do – give you an income you can never outlive. Guaranteed. Call us and we’ll show you how.  You don’t have to be a financial wizard or a tax lawyer to understand annuities. They are a wonderful way to side-step the financial sink holes that seem to plague our generation.

Final Expense Made Easy

fianl_expenseWe have a number of companies that offer a great way to free your loved ones from the financial burden of meeting your final expenses. And it’s simple!

  • Immediate decision by telephone interview
  • No Medical Exam!
  • Affordable rates – really!
  • Issue ages: 50-85 with full death benefit
  • Policy will accumulate cash value
  • Benefits paid directly to the beneficiary of your choice
  • Benefits NOT subject to federal income tax –benefits are tax free!
  • Policy can not be cancelled as long as premiums are paid
  • Benefits always remain level – they never go down in value!


Sample rates…Female, non-smoker, $10,000 policy,

65 year old - $41.54 per month

70 year old - $52.17 per month

75 year old - $71.49 per month

80 year old - $103.55 per month

See! Affordable coverage for all ages. Call us today!


Policy offered by Oxford Life Insurance Company. Preferred rate. Subject to underwriting